155 Blair Blvd.
Eugene, OR 97402
Phone: 541-344-2739


Monday-Friday: 12:00pm-5:30pm
Saturday: 12pm-4:30pm
Sunday: Closed


The beers available through dock sales may change on a daily basis and the currently available beers are listed below. For updated information on availability of a particular style, please call our office ahead of time at 541-344-2739.

We can also fill your cornelius kegs with our beer while you wait or overnight. Any beers available in full kegs are available for filling cornelius kegs. Cornelius kegs must be sanitized and sealed when they are dropped off. Prices below are subject to change with certain specialty or R&D beers.

Keg and Tap Deposits

A $60.00 shell deposit on all kegs and a $45.00 deposit on all taps is required (you must buy beer in a keg to rent a tap). Both of these deposits are fully refundable upon return of the equipment and with documentation of deposit payment.

Keg Lifting Policy

Please make sure there is room in your vehicle upon keg pickup. Due to safety precautions, our employees will only assist if a keg is loaded into the trunk of a car or the bed of a truck. For customer and employee safety, we cannot help load kegs into the back or front seat of a vehicle.

Keg Size Beer # of Pints Price
Full (1/2 BBL) Year-Round & Seasonal 120 Pints $138.00
Full (1/2 BBL) Tricerahops & Special Release 120 Pints $165.00
Small Keg (1/4 BBL) Year-Round & Seasonal 60 Pints $75.00
Small Keg (1/4 BBL) Tricerahops & Special Release 60 Pints $90.00
Corny Fill Year-Round & Seasonal 40 Pints $50.00
Corny Fill Tricerahops & Special Release 40 Pints $55.00
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