The Ninkasi Dinner Club

A curated cooking and dining experience in the comfort of your own home.

The music plays. Beer is poured. Conversations soar as you smell the finishing touches of tonight’s dinner emanating from the kitchen. You’ve unlocked the achievement of a perfectly curated dinner experience. Let us be your invisible host.

The Ninkasi Dinner Club box feeds 4-6 and includes everything you need to create this experience in the comfort of your own homes. Recipes change every Friday and are available for the week or until they’re sold out. Whether you’re an experienced chef or still learning your way around the kitchen, our recipes are designed for cooks of all skill levels in mind.

We strive to source the highest quality ingredients from local producers to highlight all our community has to offer as we create a special meal experience, together. From the ingredients to the beer to the music, each step and interaction has been carefully thought out for a harmonious experience.

See below for curated playlists from our friends at House of Records.

We’ve winterized our kitchen so we can focus on inviting you back when the weather turns warm in 2021! The Better Living Room remains open for beer, hard seltzer, and merchandise sales, and The Ninkasi Dinner Club will return in 2021.

Sign up for text updates when new recipes are released! Text dinnerclub to (587) 317-6099.

Past Dinner Club Boxes:

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