Helles Belles Helles Lager

Helles Belles is the headliner you’ve been waiting to experience. Light and flavorful, this drinkable Lager strikes a chord with its crisp taste sure to wow fans and critics alike. It’s time to rock—all night long.


Bitterness (IBU): 28
Alcohol by Volume: 5.3%
Original Gravity: 1050
Release Date: 2016
Available: Year-round
Malts: Bohemian Pilsner, Pilsen, Carapils, Acidulated
Hops: GR Hallertau Herkules, GR Hallertauer Mittelfrueh, US Hallertau
Packages: 12oz. 6-Pack, On Draft

Tasting Notes

This Munich-style beer is the lightest of the European Lagers. With a sweet, toasted malt flavor followed by a crisp, refreshing finish and just a hint of a Noble hop aroma, Helles Belles defines balance and drinkability.

Food Pairings

Brats, Pork Chops With Brown Sauce, Sauerkraut, Potato Salad, Spaetzle


Sleigh’r Balls

Quick and easy, this dessert compliments both the beer and nuts used in this recipe. Sleigh’r draws out the tannins in the walnuts and pecans, complimenting each other’s dry finish. [...]

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