Beer is Love: How Our Craft Supports Nonprofits

Our Beer Is Love program is just that. We believe we can help others do good through using beer as the liquid to bring people together. Established in 2012, the Beer is Love Program has focused on giving back to the communities where our beer is sold and enjoyed.

Why Beer is Love?
Why do we donate beer to nonprofit organizations? There are a few reasons for this. First and foremost, we love having the opportunity to make an impact through the product we create. Not only do we get to help nonprofits save money by donating beer, but we are donating a craft product. Oftentimes, people are tasting Ninkasi for the first time or on the flipside, people get to enjoy a familiar beer.

Who do we donate to?
Beer is Love supports nonprofits doing work in five core categories: women, equality, recreation, the environment, and arts and music. We break down why we chose these categories below.

Beer is Love Chart

Arts and Music
Ninkasi has been intertwined with arts and music since its inception. From crafting creative beers to designing artistic labels to recording music for independent artists, it’s hard to ignore the brewery’s artistic roots. We love that we have so many opportunities to be artistic and so we want to find organizations that are giving others the same chance.

Beer is made up of four primary ingredients, three of them are cultivated or sourced from our environment. A huge effort of Beer is Love is to support environmental causes, especially causes that deal with helping water cleanliness and access. After all, water is the primary ingredient in beer. We also help organizations that maintain public trails, keep plants growing, and encourage environmental education. Without Mother Earth, there would be no beer.

Equality is a very broad category but our main focus has been helping the LGBTQIA community. Just as we say Beer is Love, we also believe that Love is Love and we want to help organizations who work towards making the world a more loving place.

Perpetuate Better Living – it’s our motto and what we want people to feel when they drink our beer. How can they pair this moment with our beer? Are they out kayaking or playing sports? Are they gardening? Are they camping with friends? This part of the DNA encourages people to be active and go do something! We support all kinds of recreational activities like water sports, running, roller derby, mountain biking, and more.

Ninkasi Brewing Company is named after Ninkasi, the ancient Sumerian Goddess of Fermentation. With these feminine roots in mind, supporting organizations that focus on women is a natural connection. Through Beer is Love, we aim to support women’s rights, education, and health.

Do you have a nonprofit that you care about who could use some beer love in 2018? Please tell us your favorite organizations in the comments below or request a donation here!



About the Author

Emilie is our resident beer fairy. As the national donations manager for our Beer is Love program, Emilie spends her days donating beer to people doing amazing work in every state where our beer is enjoyed. When not donating beer, you can find Emilie hunting down the best bloody mary, hanging with her dog Scout, or exploring the Central Oregon wilderness. “

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