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Image of Ninkasi Pale Ale can and six pack box. The label features pale blue can with off white lettering.

Pale Ale

Image of Ninkasi Total Domination NW IPA can and six pack box. The label features black can with bright blue lettering on a black background.

Total Domination Northwest IPA

Image of Ninkasi Tricerahops Double IPA can and six pack box. The label features vibrant green can with bright yellow lettering on a green background.

Tricerahops Double IPA

A chilled, dew-covered can of Ninkasi Brewing Company's Prismatic Juicy IPA, prominently displaying the brewery's logo and "Est. 2006" in Eugene, Oregon. The can's backdrop features the words "The Pacific Northwest." To the right, a matching orange box labeled "Ninkasi Juicy IPA" holds 6 cans, with details "40 IBUs" and "5.9% ABV" visible. The overall color scheme is a rich orange, emphasizing the beer's juicy appeal.

Prismatic Juicy IPA

A can and a 6-pack box of Ninkasi Hazy IPA beer. The can and box have a deep blue background with elegant gold and white lettering. Prominently featured is the Ninkasi Brewing Company logo, which is a stylized 'N' with a wing-like design, and the words "HAZY IPA" in bold lettering. Below, it reads "6.5% ALC/VOL - INDIA PALE ALE" and "BREWED AND CANNED IN EUGENE, OREGON." Water droplets are visible on the can, suggesting it's cold. The box repeats the design elements of the can and indicates it contains 6 cans, each with 12 fl oz. The overall look is premium and crafted, highlighting the Pacific Northwest origin of the beer.

Hazy IPA

A frost-covered teal can of Ninkasi Brewing Company's Mastodon Imperial Cold IPA, showcasing the prominent brewery logo and "Est. 2006" in Eugene, Oregon. Above the logo, the words "The Pacific Northwest" are elegantly scripted. To the right, a coordinating teal box, labeled "Ninkasi Cold IPA" contains 6 cans, with notable details "60 IBUs" and "8.0% ABV." The backdrop is a bright teal, accentuating the cool, crisp essence of the beer.

Mastodom Imperial Cold IPA

A glistening purple Ninkasi beer can labeled 'Eclipsosaurus Imperial Hazy IPA' with details of its 8.0% alcohol volume, alongside a matching six-pack box set against a deep purple background.

Eclipsosaurus Hazy IPA

A teal-colored can and box of Ninkasi Brewing Company's "Megalodon Triple IPA" beer. The can is covered in condensation droplets, emphasizing its coldness. It features the brewery's logo, the location "Eugene, Oregon," and a mention of being established in 2006. The label showcases a strong 10.8% alcohol content and the beer's description as an India Pale Ale brewed and canned in Eugene, Oregon. The matching box in the background indicates a six-pack with branding details consistent with the can design.

Megalodom Triple IPA

A Ninkasi "Dawn of the Red" Red IPA bottle and 6-pack box against a deep red background. The amber-hued bottle showcases the Ninkasi logo at the top, with "Dawn of the Red" and "Red IPA" prominently displayed below. The label also indicates a 6.3% alcohol volume and that it's brewed in Eugene, Oregon. The accompanying box, holding six identical bottles, mirrors the bottle's design, highlighting the "Red IPA" and the Ninkasi branding.

Dawn of the Red IPA

A bottle of Ninkasi "Sleigh'r Winter Ale" with a 7.2% alcohol by volume indication, next to a six-pack box of the same ale. The bottle and box have the Ninkasi Brewing Company logo and indicate it's brewed in Eugene, Oregon. The design is predominantly white with gold and maroon accents, featuring the words "The Pacific Northwest" on the bottle and "60 IBU" on the box.

Sleigh’r Winter Ale

A brown Ninkasi beer bottle labeled 'Oatis Oatmeal Stout' with a 7.0% alcohol by volume notation. It features the Ninkasi Brewing Company logo and details of being brewed in Eugene, Oregon. To the right, there's a matching six-pack carton showcasing the same design and indicating it contains six 12 fl oz bottles.

Oatis Oatmeal Stout

A sleek bottle and six-pack box of Ninkasi's "Total Domination NW IPA" against a black background. The bottle label and box showcase hues of teal and black, highlighting the beer's origin in Eugene, Oregon, since 2006. The beer boasts 7.0% alcohol by volume and the label emphasizes its "Pacific Northwest" roots. The six-pack box also indicates the beer's bitterness level at 50 IBUs.

Total Domination NW IPA

Three tall cans of Ninkasi's "Total Domination NW IPA" presented against a dark background. The cans have a sleek silver design with teal accents, celebrating the beer's Pacific Northwest roots. Each can displays a "7% ALC/VOL" label in a teal emblem, denoting its alcohol content. The beer is described as a "NW IPA", brewed and canned in Eugene, Oregon since 2006. The Ninkasi logo is prominent on each can, which also mentions that each can holds 19.2 fl oz.

Total Domination NW IPA

Three tall cans of Ninkasi's "Mastodom Imperial Cold IPA" displayed against a turquoise background. The cans sport a refreshing turquoise and purple design, highlighting the beer's Pacific Northwest origins. Each can prominently displays an "8% ALC/VOL" label, indicating its alcohol content. The beer is emphasized as an "Imperial Cold IPA", brewed and canned in Eugene, Oregon since 2006. The design also includes the Ninkasi logo and each can contains 19.2 fl oz.

Mastodom Imperial Cold IPA

Three tall cans of Ninkasi's "Megalodon Triple IPA" displayed against a teal background. The cans are adorned in shades of teal and orange, showcasing the beer's origin in Eugene, Oregon, since 2006. Each can prominently features the label "10% ALC/VOL", indicating its alcohol content, and "The Pacific Northwest" is printed at the top, highlighting its regional roots. The design emphasizes the beer's triple IPA distinction, and each can contains 19.2 fl oz.

Megalodom Triple IPA

Three tall cans of Ninkasi's "Eclipsosaurus Imperial Hazy IPA" against a deep purple background. The cans sport a rich purple and gold design, featuring the label "The Pacific Northwest". Each can has an emblem indicating "8% ALC/VOL", representing its alcohol content. They are described as "Imperial Hazy IPA" and are brewed and canned in Eugene, Oregon, with a founding date of 2006 indicated on each can. The Ninkasi Brewing Company logo is displayed prominently, and each can specifies a volume of 19.2 fl oz.

Eclipsosaurus Hazy IPA

A Ninkasi Brewing Company "Adventure Variety Pack" box in a vibrant blue color. The box showcases images of four different types of beer cans, each with distinct designs and colors. From left to right, the beers are: a green "Double IPA", a turquoise "NW IPA", a blue "Hazy IPA", and an orange "Juicy IPA". The top of the box features multiple beer can designs in a row, suggesting more variety within the pack. Emblazoned prominently on the box is "Variety 12 Pack" and the Ninkasi logo with the establishment date "Est. 2006". The background is a muted navy blue.

Adventure Pack

A 12-pack box of Ninkasi Imperial IPA Variety Pack. It shows three types of India Pale Ales: Total Domination IPA, Tricerahops Double IPA, and Maiden the Shade Summer IPA. The packaging is white with prominent blue and gold accents, featuring large Ninkasi branding and the brewery's crest. The words "COLD.," "HAZY.," and "TRIPLE IPA" suggest the different characteristics of the beers inside. Brewed in Eugene, Oregon, this collection showcases a range of hop-centric craft beers.

Imperial IPA Variety Pack

A 3D image of a dark teal Ninkasi beer box with the branding prominently displayed in bright teal lettering. The front of the box showcases a can design for 'Total Domination NW IPA,' with details indicating it has 7.0% ABV and 50 IBUs. There's a tagline 'The Pacific Northwest' and the brand's origin from 'EUG ORE' signifying Eugene, Oregon. The side panel reads 'NW IPA' and has the Ninkasi logo. The box mentions it contains 15 cans, each of 12 FL OZ.

Total Domination NW IPA

The image shows a 15-pack box of Ninkasi Gold Premium Lager. The packaging is primarily an off-white color with bold red and gold accents. The Ninkasi logo is prominently displayed in red, with "Gold" written underneath in a large, elegant script. A tagline "The Pacific Northwest" is visible above the logo, emphasizing the beer's regional roots. There's a depiction of a beer can in the center, with water droplets on it, indicating it's chilled. The beer is described as "PREMIUM LAGER" and "BREWED AND CANNED IN EUGENE, OREGON" as per the text below the can image. The alcohol by volume is noted as "5%" and the can size as "12 FL OZ". The background has a slight texture, giving it a premium feel, and the left side of the image subtly shows "15 PACK" indicating the quantity within the box.

Gold Premium Lager

The image displays a six-pack of Ninkasi Gold Premium Lager cans. The cans are silver with the "Ninkasi" name and logo in large, prominent red letters with a gold outline. Below the logo, "GOLD" is written in bold gold letters. Above the logo, "PREMIUM LAGER" is stated in smaller print, and there is a seal with the letter "N" in the center symbolizing the brand. Each can specifies that it contains "5% ALC/VOL - 16 FL OZ" indicating the alcohol content and volume of the beer. The cans are topped with black plastic holders, and the text "The Pacific Northwest" and "Brewed and Canned in Eugene, Oregon" highlights the regional provenance of the beer. The design is clean and modern with a color scheme that conveys a premium quality product.

Gold Premium Lager

Legends of Ninkasi Series

Enter the Ninkasi comic universe! Join Megalodom, Velocihoptor, Eclipsosaurus, and, of course, Tricerahops as they journey with the Goddess Ninkasi across land and sea. Which Legend will be your favorite?

Our Legends Series features characters from our Dark Horse Comic Book, Legend of Ninkasi: Rise of Craft.

The image displays Ninkasi Brewing Company's "Eclipsosaurus" Hazy IPA, part of their Legends Series. It showcases an elaborate blue and gold design with a fantastical dinosaur set against a cosmic star-filled background on both the can and six-pack box. The prominent Ninkasi logo and the product name "ECLIPSOSAURUS" are displayed above the type designation "HAZY IPA". It is marked as brewed in Eugene, Oregon. The packaging highlights that it contains four 16-ounce cans, using striking, imaginative artwork to capture consumer interest.

Eclipsosaurus Hazy IPA (Legends Series)


Velocihoptor Juicy IPA

This image features the "Megalodom" Legendary IPA from Ninkasi Brewing Company's Legends Series. The can and box are adorned with vibrant blue and orange artwork, depicting the mythical sea creature, the Megalodon, amidst an underwater cityscape. The product is identified as a Legendary IPA, and it's noted that the package contains four 16-ounce cans. Brewed in Eugene, Oregon, the design captures the essence of the legendary theme with dynamic and colorful imagery.

Megalodom Triple IPA


Tricerahops Double IPA (Legends Series)

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