Sleigh’r Winter Ale

A bottle of Ninkasi "Sleigh'r Winter Ale" with a 7.2% alcohol by volume indication, next to a six-pack box of the same ale. The bottle and box have the Ninkasi Brewing Company logo and indicate it's brewed in Eugene, Oregon. The design is predominantly white with gold and maroon accents, featuring the words "The Pacific Northwest" on the bottle and "60 IBU" on the box.

About The Beer

Dive headfirst into the deep, dark allure of Ninkasi Sleigh’r Winter Ale. With a robust 7.2% ABV, experience a symphony of rich malty notes, countered by hints of seasonal spices and a subtle hoppy bitterness. This is not your grandma’s winter brew – it’s an audacious embrace of winter’s chill, crafted for those who relish the cold. Can you handle the flavor avalanche?

Tasting Notes

Bitterness (IBU)


Alcohol By Volume


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12 oz bottles 6-packs

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