Prismatic Juicy IPA

A chilled, dew-covered can of Ninkasi Brewing Company's Prismatic Juicy IPA, prominently displaying the brewery's logo and "Est. 2006" in Eugene, Oregon. The can's backdrop features the words "The Pacific Northwest." To the right, a matching orange box labeled "Ninkasi Juicy IPA" holds 6 cans, with details "40 IBUs" and "5.9% ABV" visible. The overall color scheme is a rich orange, emphasizing the beer's juicy appeal.

About The Beer

Ninkasi Prismatic Juicy IPA is like diving into a kaleidoscope of taste, where every sip is a burst of neon against the backdrop of the beer-scape. It’s not just juicy; it’s an over-the-top fruit bomb, detonating with explosive notes of ripe peaches, plush mangoes, and a citrus medley that’s more vibrant than the wildest sunset. But it’s not all sweet talk and juicy gossip—there’s an edge. A subtle, hoppy bite lies in wait, offering just enough kick to remind you this is an IPA that plays by its own rules. The malt whispers just beneath the cacophony, a mellow baseline that keeps the party from going off the rails. Prismatic Juicy IPA is your ticket to a liquid festival where the dress code demands hops, fruit, and flair, all bottled up in a relentless rush of flavor. It’s not just a beer; it’s a rebellion against the ordinary, a colorful manifesto poured in your glass.

Tasting Notes

Juicy. Fruity. Tropical.

No common allergens. Contains: Dextrose

Bitterness (IBU)


Alcohol By Volume


Release Date





2-Row, Flaked Oats, White Wheat, Dextrose


Galaxy, Cascade, Lotus


6-Pack Cans, Draft

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