Pale Ale

Image of Ninkasi Pale Ale can and six pack box. The label features pale blue can with off white lettering.

About The Beer

Ninkasi Pale Ale doesn’t just nudge the boundaries—it leaps over them with a symphony of flavors that’ll have your senses doing a jubilant jig. It’s a confident dance of bold hops that gracefully pirouette around a malty heart as rich and robust as a classic rock bassline. Imagine a medley of lively citrus harmonies and a bouquet of floral notes that enliven your taste experience, all ending with a clever touch of bitterness that smiles subtly at the finish. This isn’t just any beer; it’s a standout performance in a glass, inviting you to step away from the ordinary and delight in every invigorating sip of Ninkasi’s brilliant concoction.

Tasting Notes

Tropical. Melon. Stone Fruit.

No common allergens

Bitterness (IBU)


Alcohol By Volume


Release Date





2-Row, Caramel Steam


Nugget, Chinook, Strata


12oz. 6-pack, Draft

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