Eclipsosaurus Hazy IPA

Three tall cans of Ninkasi's "Eclipsosaurus Imperial Hazy IPA" against a deep purple background. The cans sport a rich purple and gold design, featuring the label "The Pacific Northwest". Each can has an emblem indicating "8% ALC/VOL", representing its alcohol content. They are described as "Imperial Hazy IPA" and are brewed and canned in Eugene, Oregon, with a founding date of 2006 indicated on each can. The Ninkasi Brewing Company logo is displayed prominently, and each can specifies a volume of 19.2 fl oz.

About The Beer

Dive into the cosmic haze of Ninkasi’s Eclipsosaurus Imperial Hazy IPA. A brew so otherworldly, it’s named after a mythical dino that roamed the starlit skies. Each sip is a galaxy of swirling flavors, where tropical fruit comets collide with velvety citrus nebulae. It boasts an 8.0% ABV gravity that’ll pull you into its intoxicating orbit, while hints of pine and malt ground you back to Earth. This isn’t just another IPA; it’s an astral journey, boldly taking your taste buds where no drinker has gone before. Get ready to roar with delight with every stellar sip!

Tasting Notes

Pineapple | Creamsicle | Orange


Bitterness (IBU)

Alcohol By Volume


Release Date



2-Row, White Wheat, Acidulated Malt


Alpha CO2 extract, Eclipse, Centennial, Bru-1, Simcoe Cryo Hops


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