Gold Premium Lager

The image shows a 15-pack box of Ninkasi Gold Premium Lager. The packaging is primarily an off-white color with bold red and gold accents. The Ninkasi logo is prominently displayed in red, with "Gold" written underneath in a large, elegant script. A tagline "The Pacific Northwest" is visible above the logo, emphasizing the beer's regional roots. There's a depiction of a beer can in the center, with water droplets on it, indicating it's chilled. The beer is described as "PREMIUM LAGER" and "BREWED AND CANNED IN EUGENE, OREGON" as per the text below the can image. The alcohol by volume is noted as "5%" and the can size as "12 FL OZ". The background has a slight texture, giving it a premium feel, and the left side of the image subtly shows "15 PACK" indicating the quantity within the box.

About The Beer

Savor the classic simplicity of Ninkasi Gold Premium Lager. This lager is a celebration of the traditional, with a crystal-clear golden appearance and a taste that speaks of subtle sophistication. Each sip offers a smooth melody of malt sweetness balanced by a hint of hops, reminiscent of a gentle caress rather than an assertive punch.

With undertones of fresh bread and a hint of sweetness, this beer is as easygoing as a lazy Sunday afternoon. Ninkasi Gold Premium Lager is crafted for those who appreciate the understated elegance of a well-made lager—pure, refreshing, and perfectly suited for any occasion where quality matters. Enjoy the refined smoothness that makes every sip a modest nod to excellence.

Tasting Notes

Fresh Bread | Honey | Dry

No common allergens

Bitterness (IBU)

Alcohol By Volume


Release Date


Year Round




15-pack 12 oz. cans

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