Imperial IPA Variety Pack

A 12-pack box of Ninkasi Imperial IPA Variety Pack. It shows three types of India Pale Ales: Total Domination IPA, Tricerahops Double IPA, and Maiden the Shade Summer IPA. The packaging is white with prominent blue and gold accents, featuring large Ninkasi branding and the brewery's crest. The words "COLD.," "HAZY.," and "TRIPLE IPA" suggest the different characteristics of the beers inside. Brewed in Eugene, Oregon, this collection showcases a range of hop-centric craft beers.

About The Beer

Dive into the audacious world of Ninkasi with our Imperial IPA Variety 12-pack. It’s not just beer; it’s a bold symphony of flavors designed for those who dare to challenge the ordinary. Every sip boasts a rebellious spirit, with intense hop profiles that’ll ignite your palate. Dive deep, taste the rebellion, and let Ninkasi’s finest craft brews show you what edgy truly feels like. Cheers to the brave!

Three 12 oz. cans of the following beers;

  • Mastodom Imperial IPA
  • Eclipsosaurus Imperial Hazy IPA
  • Megalodom Triple IPA
  • Tricerahops Double IPA
Tasting Notes

Bitterness (IBU)

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