Megalodom Triple IPA

A teal-colored can and box of Ninkasi Brewing Company's "Megalodon Triple IPA" beer. The can is covered in condensation droplets, emphasizing its coldness. It features the brewery's logo, the location "Eugene, Oregon," and a mention of being established in 2006. The label showcases a strong 10.8% alcohol content and the beer's description as an India Pale Ale brewed and canned in Eugene, Oregon. The matching box in the background indicates a six-pack with branding details consistent with the can design.

About The Beer

Unleash the beast with Ninkasi’s Megalodon Triple IPA. This monstrous brew, boasting a whopping 10% ABV, is not for the faint-hearted. Dive deep into a sea of intense hop flavors, where notes of citrus, pine, and tropical fruit dominate the palate. Each sip is a tidal wave of bold bitterness balanced with a malt backbone, taking you on a prehistoric flavor adventure. Beware: this beer bites back! Challenge your senses and dare to take on the Megalodon. Drink if you dare!

Tasting Notes

Stone Fruit | Tropical | Balanced

No common allergens. Contains: Dextrose

Bitterness (IBU)


Alcohol By Volume


Release Date





2-Row, Vienna, Carahell, Rolled Oats


Amarillo, Azacca, Citra, El Dorado, Crystal, Equinox, Nugget


6-pack 12 oz. cans

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