Brewers Association Hill Climb 2022

Jamie Floyd, Founding Brewer of Ninkasi, joined over 100 fellow brewery owners, employees, and Brewers Association members for the Brewers Association Hill Climb on June 22, 2022. During the hill climb, Jamie and the other attendees advocated for issues that impact small and independent breweries at the federal level. Read more about the topics of the day from the Brewers Association here.

“I am proud each year to climb Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to advocate on behalf of the nearly 6,000 small and independent breweries at the federal level,” said Floyd. “We met with Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Jeff Merkley as well as House Representative Members Peter DeFazio, Cliff Bentz, and Earl Blumenauer to discuss the USPS Shipping Equity Act that would allow alcohol sales through the postal service, like UPS and FedEx currently allow. We also thanked them for lowering the Federal Excise tax on beer for small brewers before COVID-19 which gave us the ability to hire a couple of people and purchase canning equipment. In addition, we asked for funding for hop and barley research as well as the Tax Trade Bureau, which approves product labels in addition to collecting tax.”

“The USPS Shipping Equity Act made the House Bill of Appropriations in July, but was cut. We will continue to advocate for more direct-to-consumer options in the coming years,” said Floyd.


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