Pacific Rain Northwest Pale: Brewed with Lava-Filtered Water

Breweries need good water to make good beer; in fact, 95% of beer is water. Every brewer will tell you that water is an essential part of making beer. We are fortunate to have fresh and clean water sourced straight from the McKenzie River Watershed, originating atop the High Cascades and continuing its journey to our brewery.

The latest edition to our year-round Flagship Series, Pacific Rain NW Pale, celebrates our access to quality water and our love for the Pacific Northwest. This refreshing Northwest Pale bands together four distinct hops–Citra, Nugget, Mosaic, and Simcoe–to make a crisp, drinkable pale.

So what does lava-filtered mean? Read on and take a journey with us from the Oregon Cascades through the McKenzie River and to your pint glass!

Step #1: Snow & Rainfall Collect in the High Cascades
Snow and rainfall collect atop Oregon’s High Cascades and trickle through the cracks of rocks on volcanic flows covering the McKenzie Pass.

Step #2: A Volcanic “Sponge” Absorbs the Water
After the water filters through the layers of volcanic flow, young volcanic rocks act like a massive sponge and absorb the water.

Step #3: Volcanic Layers Filter the Water
Precipitation trickles into the cracks of the rocks and through the volcanic layers, filtering the water.

Step #4: Water Bubbles Up at Various Springs
Anywhere between three and 14 years later, the water slowly makes its way through the volcanic layers, eventually bubbling up at various springs that feed into the McKenzie River.

Step #5: Water Enters the McKenzie River, Then Your Pint Glass
Once the lava-filtered water reaches the McKenzie River, it enters our local water source, our brewery, then your pint glass.

Step #6: Track Down Some Pacific Rain Near You!
Pacific Rain was created to honor each ingredient that Oregon has to offer. This lava-filtered process adds to the beauty of this beer. Use our Beer Finder to track down a 6-pack near you!

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