A Message from Ninkasi’s Better Living Room About COVID-19

Our business is hospitality, which requires, at its foundation, a commitment to safety and wellness for our team and for our guests.  Communication, understanding, and empathy are also essential to hospitality.  With this intent, we share our current efforts in consideration to (COVID-19) concerns:


Healthy Team

Team health and wellness is a daily objective for us here at the Better Living Room, as well as throughout Ninkasi’s Brewing, Production, Facilities, Sales, Marketing, and Administrative teams.  Employees showing any symptoms are always asked to stay home for the greater good of our team, guests, and community.  We continue this practice with the greatest attention and caution.



Safeguards required to control spread of illness are standard operating procedure for us here at the Better Living Room.  All team members are certified in food handling, and leadership has advanced ServSafe certification.  Delivering the highest quality food and beverage requires the highest level of focus, care, proper handling, and sanitation.  In our standard course of service, an essential and often unnoticed benefit of a great dining experience is a healthy and safe environment.  We are taking further action by increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitation throughout the day, especially with high contact items (tabletops, menus, door handles, pens, credit cards, etc.).


Safe refuge

Our core purpose at Ninkasi is to Perpetuate Better Living.  The Better Living Room was built to provide a space where we can host and support our community in doing just that.  We will continue to provide a welcoming, clean, safe space to come together and support each other in this time of anxiety and stress.  We also respect those committed to social distancing and we will continue to seek information and make the best decisions to care for team, partners, guests, and our greater community.


Community Support

We recognize the impact on our community partners, businesses, and organizations both near and far is profound. Ninkasi is committed to respecting the wishes of these groups, and we are doing everything we can to work together and support each other during this time.

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