Ninkasi launches summer seasonal, Peach Maiden the Shade

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EUGENE, Oregon — Ninkasi Brewing Company is excited to announce their new summer seasonal, Peach Maiden the Shade Summer IPA, available now in 6-packs of bottles and 12-packs of cans throughout Ninkasi’s distribution footprint. A 19.2oz can will be available in May.

Previously a local favorite on draft, Peach Maiden the Shade is an offshoot of former summer seasonal, Maiden the Shade. While Maiden the Shade was previously distributed throughout Ninkasi’s entire territory, Peach Maiden the Shade was brewed once a year in the summer as a very limited release to celebrate a local cultural and music festival.

“We created Maiden the Shade for a local cultural and music festival that has been in our community for 50 years whose logo happens to be a peach,” said Ninkasi co-founder Jamie Floyd. “We decided to make a peach version of this cult classic for the festival that became a favorite of festival staff, musicians, and beer enthusiasts alike. So much so, we wanted to share it with all Ninkasi lovers.”

Additionally, Ninkasi has once again partnered with Eugene-local Glimmer Tech to create an interactive augmented reality experience activated through their packaging. When a user scans the Peach Maiden the Shade label using the GlimmerXP app, they will activate Peach Maiden: The Game, an Asteroids-like experience where gamers must defend summer by fending off intruders.

Peach Maiden the Shade replaces Ninkasi’s first 2020 seasonal, Galaxy Trippin’ Stellar IPA. Galaxy Trippin’ included an augmented reality riddle whose answer was “Peach Maiden the Shade.”

Ninkasi’s year-round lineup offers a full spectrum of beer styles, including their flagship Total Domination Northwest IPA alongside Tricerahops Double IPA, Prismatic Juicy IPA, Hazy Domination IPA, Pacific Rain Northwest Pale, Oatis Oatmeal Stout, Brightberry Raspberry Lime Ale, Pilsner Cold Fermented Lager, Dawn of the Red IPA, Heart and Science West Coast IPA, and Megalodom Legendary IPA.

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Peach Maiden the Shade Summer IPA

Take a sip and delight in the refreshing, tart notes of peach and grapefruit dancing freely on your tongue. That’s the essence of summer bursting from Peach Maiden the Shade. Crack one open, enjoy, and run wild.

Style: Summer IPA

Available: Now

ABV: 7.3%

IBU: 71

Malt: 2-Row, Vienna, Flaked Barley

Hops: Alpha CO2 Extract, Centennial, Crystal, Palisade, Amarillo, Simcoe, Columbus, Chinook

Special Ingredients: Peach puree and flavoring

Packaging: Draft; 6-pack bottles and 12-pack cans; 19.2oz cans available mid-May

Distribution: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

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  • Anton Melkov

    Peach Maiden is like the best beer ever, the hint of peach in it is awesome!

  • David Shabelman

    Hello Ninkasi/Rebecca!!! Will you be making peach maiden again this year? I just finished my last can over the weekend so I need to stock back up!

    • Rebecca Pirwitz

      Hey David! We actually released a new summer limited release this year: Stratascope IPA. But we’ll definitely take a note that Peach Maiden the Shade is missed!

  • Marilyn Vancil

    I love Peach Maiden, but I don’t see it in my local stores! Is it sold anywhere near the Lewis Clark Valley in Idaho/Washington?

    • Rebecca Pirwitz

      Hi Marilyn! We released a brand new summer limited release this year: Stratascope IPA! It should be available in your area and you can always search our beer finder at But we’ll definitely pass along word that Peach Maiden the Shade is missed.

  • Marilyn Vancil

    Marilyn Vancil again – I just bought some Stratascope, and I much prefer Peach Maiden for summer consumption in our hot L-C Valley. Please bring it back!

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