Ninkasi's Refreshed Packaging

"While it was time to give our packaging a fresh look, we also wanted to reinforce the Ninkasi brand as deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest."

Read more about it from Ninkasi Brewing's Senior Graphic Designer, Denise Lutz.

Meet Our New Cocktails

Renowned Mixologist Jeffrey Morgenthaler, in conjunction with Ninkasi Brewing Company’s world-class beverage team, has come together to create a portable, high-end cocktail in a can.

Visit Ninkasi's Better Living Room

The Ninkasi Better Living Room is a restaurant and gathering space in Eugene, Oregon celebrating beer, food, art, and community.


Ninkasi Brewing Company is dedicated to brewing the highest quality beverages in support of culture, community, and the uniqueness of each individual and their passions—while evoking as much enjoyment as possible along the way. We believe in and are committed to sharing experiences that create value for our customers, our partners, and our communities in service to our core purpose: to Perpetuate Better Living. Beer is a staple of civilization.

Trailhead Tropical IPA

Legends Of Ninkasi Series

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