Ninkasi Launches New Beers & New Packaging

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EUGENE, OREGON — Ninkasi Brewing Company, an independent craft brewery based in Eugene, Oregon, has refreshed the packaging for its bottle beer lineup to match the new brand vision rolled out last year with the introduction of Ninkasi beer in cans. The new packaging coincides with the release of Ninkasi Pilsner and the re-release of Oatis, brought back by popular demand.

The redesigned packaging brings a bold, iconic look to the brand. “We’re always searching for ways to innovate and improve our beers,” said Nikos Ridge, Ninkasi’s president and co-founder. “The new look reflects that continuous improvement.” A chevron badge is consistent across all of the packaging. “The chevron represents the mountains in our backyard,” said Sarah Johnson, Ninkasi’s Chief Customer Officer. “Each label tells a story about our connection to nature, which is what makes our beer special and it’s the reason we make the Northwest our home.”

To coincide with the brand refresh, Ninkasi is introducing its own take on a classic Northern German style pils, named Ninkasi Pilsner. “Our brewers dedicate time to work on their own ideas,” said Daniel Sharp, Ninkasi’s Director of Brewing Process Development. “Ninkasi Pilsner is a direct result of our recipe development and innovation program.”

Ninkasi is also re-releasing Oatis, its popular oatmeal stout. “Our fans brought this one back,” said Jamie Floyd, Ninkasi’s co-founder and brewer. “Vanilla Oatis has a lot of fans too. Keep an eye out for an occasional appearance as a limited, draft-only release.”

About Ninkasi Brewing Company
Founded in 2006 by Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge, Ninkasi Brewing Company continues to grow from its first batch of Total Domination IPA to a three-brewhouse operation (90-barrel, 55-barrel and its new 5-barrel pilot brewery) located in Eugene, Oregon. Ninkasi’s year-round beers are sold throughout Alaska, Alberta, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, as well as Vancouver, British Columbia. The brewery remains privately-owned and is committed to community support and giving. Ninkasi’s Beer Is Love program offers in-kind donations and support for organizations throughout its footprint.

For more information, contact Kiley Gwynn at or 541-344-2739.

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  • Sandra Kickbusch

    I discovered your beer at Costco. I love your double IPA and when it was on sale at Fred Meyer I had to try it even tho it was in a can. I NEVER buy beer in cans as it causes a head ache even tho I pour it into a glass. I thought I’d take a chance since it’s been years since buying a beer in a can. Guess what? No headache. So, now I wonder if you have a BPA liner in your cans. If so, great. If not, consider it.

  • Stuart McAlpine

    Frankly I like the old packaging better. I’m a Total Domination fan and the green label is rather classy. The new white label doesn’t speak to me in the same way. There’s not much to grab the eye.

    Still , what counts is what’s inside. Of all the excellent choices available, Total Domination IPA is always my first choice. For my taste it is a nearly a perfect beer. Please don’t go “updating” this beer. You’ve got it right and it should be left the way it is.


    The Pearl, Portland

  • MaryAnn Stewart

    We just had a chance to taste your “Total Domination Hazy”. Please-please make this a regularly available choice! We’ve like the regular Total Domination, and the Hazy is even better. Maybe even the best Hazy out there. Thanks for a special delightful IPA experience. One happy grandma!

  • Eric

    I believe that the original all black label with the green N logo on Total Domination was one of the best beer labels around. Totally classic looking, probably the reason I had my first Total Domination which made me fall in love with PNW IPAs back in 2011. Also the old Dawn Of the Red label was fantastic. The new designs are sleek looking but don’t appeal to me personally. I will continue to buy the Total Dom and Tricerahops regardless of the labels as they are still some of my favorite tasting beers if not longer my favorite looking.


  • Susan Turrell

    I now exclusively buy your beer in cans that you package in cardboard boxes solely because it is one of the only beers packaged without plastic. (Also, it fits perfectly on my bicycle rack.) I have been working a summer job bottling wines and have had my eyes opened to the mountains of plastic waste involved in that bottling process. Every glass bottle’s label is adhered to a roll of plastic spun off a spool. Foil capsules on the top are delivered in trays of plastic. Every pallet of boxed empty bottles is wrapped in plastic and then rewrapped after filling before storage. Even the wine that was processed into cans was labeled with a plastic sleeve. It seems that your cans are much more environmentally safe. It appears that your label is painted on the can which I hope does not use plastic. I commend you for packaging your delicious beer in cans without plastic rings and will continue to buy your beer in the convenient boxes.

  • Cindy Stafford

    Loved tricerahops in Temecula!

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